Friday, February 10, 2017

A High ProbabiliTEA

Hello there, My name is Ashley and I dearly love tea (among many other things, such as photography, vintage, puns, romantic comedies, and iced coffee).  I'm always picking up new teas to try: bottled, bagged, and loose. My tea box and my cabinets are never empty of tea, if they ever became barren it would be a great tragedy..

I grew up drinking too much sweet southern iced tea and was always given hot black tea with honey when I had a sore throat, so I guess you could say that tea is a tradition in my family.  Sometimes I play favorites and sometimes trying something brand new is part of the thrill. In the past, my favorite teas tended to be black tea blends, but I've certainly branched out over the years into herbals, green teas, oolongs, red rooibos, and more.

I promise to never be a tea snob; I like the cheap stuff and the expensive stuff. Sometimes I think the moments that they are being drank in are the most important part: sharing a pot of warm black spiced vanilla tea with a good friend after running through dew-soaked cold fields, sitting and laughing with my grandmother at a tea house over a pot of tea that tastes like fresh blueberry muffins, or having a tea party with my best friends in the warm afternoon light surrounded by blooming azaleas and sipping on tea that tastes like liquid sunshine. I might not have discerning tastes and I might not be able to accurately identify all of the notes that the tea maker says are there, but every tea is a comforting memory and I hope you enjoy my perspective nonetheless.

Over the course of this blog, my top 3 might change, but for now I'd probably panic if I didn't have: The Tea Spot's Earl of Grey, Celestial Seasoning's Honey Vanilla Chamomile, and The Tea Spot's Meditative Mind.  Earl Grey tea was something I discovered only last year, and it quickly became a favorite of mine.  I especially love it as a latte, how could you possibly not adore something called a London Fog? I love tea lattes in general though, I guess you could say that I love them a latte! ;)

I plan on using this blog to share my thoughts on different teas I pick up (I don't claim to be an expert as previously mentioned) as well as sharing ideas for tea parties, baking, and the occasional posts on tea equipment and tea history. There are many blogs out there, but this one is mine.

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